Tapbit Exchange Launched 0 Slippage Copy Trading Feature, Revolutionizing Crypto Trading Experience

Tapbit Exchange Launched 0 Slippage Copy Trading Feature, Revolutionizing Crypto Trading Experience

Tapbit, the global leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of a revolutionary feature: 0 Slippage Copy Trading. This innovative functionality effectively addresses the issue of slippage in copy trading, allowing followers to accurately replicate the trading actions of their chosen traders and setting a new industry standard.

Copy trading is an automated strategy widely used in the cryptocurrency market, allowing followers to replicate the trading patterns of successful traders without the need for extensive research or trading expertise. However, an issue that often arises in copy trading is slippage, which refers to the difference between the price at which a trader enters or exits a position and the price at which the follower executes the same trade. This disparity in prices can occur due to market fluctuations and can negatively impact the profitability of followers by reducing potential profits or increasing losses.


To address this issue, Tapbit has introduced the groundbreaking 0 Slippage Copy Trade feature. By eliminating slippage, it ensures that followers execute trades at exactly the same price as their chosen trader, and users can enjoy an optimal copy trading experience while the platform assumes the related risks. Elite traders on Tapbit can now apply for access to this feature, and once approved, they will see the “0 slippage” on supported pairs, while followers also can clearly identify the supported pairs while choosing copy pairs. A certain fee based on the actual trading volume will be charged after successfully executing 0 slippage copy trades.

Lucas Galvão, the CEO of Tapbit, stated, “We are committed to providing an enhanced copy trading experience, which is why we have introduced this innovative 0 Slippage Copy Trading feature. By eliminating slippage barriers in copy trading, we aim to maximize profits or minimize losses for our users. This groundbreaking feature demonstrates our dedication to empowering users and ensuring their success in the cryptocurrency market.”

Tapbit remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for its users, and the introduction of 0 Slippage Copy Trading is just the beginning. Tapbit looks to the future, striving for excellence and aiming to create a reliable and profitable cryptocurrency trading platform for all.

About Tapbit:

Tapbit is a leading cryptocurrency exchange, offering secure and stable trading services to users from over 100 countries and regions. Safeguarding user funds and providing a top-notch trading experience are key priorities for Tapbit. Tapbit holds prestigious licenses, including the MSB fiat currency business license and NFA general financial license issued by the US federal government, as well as the crypto and forex business license issued by SVGFSA. For more information, please visit: https://www.tapbit.com/.

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Web3 sports track investment and aggregation platform: FIFA-17 | Coming in force, subverting traditional sports and creating a new era of digital sports

E:\360MoveData\Users\windows\Desktop\FIFA-17足球\FIFA-17海报\推特\FIFA推特 4-26.jpgFIFA推特 4-26

2024 can be said to be a big year for the world’s top sports events, from the 2023 Asian Cup (January 12 to February 10) to the European Cup, known as the “Little World Cup” in the middle of the year (June 14 to July 14), to the Paris Olympics (July 26 to August 11), which opens in July, and even to the U.S. election on November 5, major sports & political events take place throughout the year.

Especially the European Cup and Olympic Games that will follow from June to August. As large-scale international sports events that attract global attention, they have huge international influence and fan groups. They will undoubtedly bring huge development opportunities to related sports track platforms. . Major sports track platforms will surely seize business opportunities, launch relevant business strategies, attract a large number of fans, enhance the influence of the platform, and also bring corresponding sports dividends to fans. FIFA-17 is the leader in the sports circuit!

About FIFA-17

FIFA-17 is a Web3 sports track investment and aggregation platform jointly created by FIFA Foundation, 17 Sport and Dapper Labs with football as the entry point. Through the creative application of blockchain technology, it innovates existing business models and integrates the sports industry with The application of sports ecology is combined with the business environment, and the core business formats in the sports ecosystem, including events, star teams, clubs, media, sponsorship advertising, etc., are put on the chain one by one to achieve fairness, justice, transparency and democracy in the sports ecosystem.

FIFA-17 is committed to integrating concepts such as sports, blockchain, games, metaverse and NFT, and provides IP holders and sports enthusiasts with high-liquidity digital encrypted assets, digital asset transactions, sports betting ecology, SocialFi ecosystem, digital collectibles ownership and trading, sports competitive games, Yuanverse sports and other full ecological participation solutions will bring the next billion or more sports fans into the ecosystem and completely change the way people participate in their favorite sports.

FIFA-17 is the ultimate opportunism. By observing the changes in business forces behind international sports events, we can basically figure out which economic forces come from, predict that they will be in a state of rapid development within a certain period of time, and actively choose to invest. analysis, promote the internationalization process, actively promote global economic investment, and also provide diversified coverage in many fields, and build FIFA-17 into the world’s leading sports investment and financing aggregation platform.

FIFA-17 three major business sectors

FIFA-17 will use football as an entry point to integrate concepts such as blockchain, games, metaverse and NFT, and will be divided into three major ecological business sectors to provide users with events, betting, voting, social networking, NFTs, digital people, competitive games, and metaverse. A comprehensive experience of investment and innovative gameplay. In this ecosystem, FIFA-17 is committed to combining football with digital technology to provide users with unprecedented ways to participate in football. FIFA-17’s digital football ecosystem aims to break the traditional football viewing model and bring users a more intimate, rich and innovative football experience.


Section One: Sports Services

Sports information, animation live broadcast, data support

FIFA-17 leverages the international influence of FIFA Foundation, 17 Sport and Dapper Labs, and cooperates with many clubs to collect all kinds of sports information and events at the first time, providing global users with football, basketball, and tennis in more than 200 countries and regions. Comprehensive services such as sports event information, live scores, animated video live broadcasts, event data analysis, team information, etc.

Section 2: Sports Finance

Governance tokens, sports betting, voting systems, FIFA Social, NFTs

Sports finance is not just the exclusive privilege of investment institutions. FIFA-17 allows more people to obtain the benefits brought by sports by providing governance tokens, sports betting, voting systems, FIFA Social, NFTs issuance and other investment methods, allowing sports finance to Benefiting individuals.

Section 3: Sports Metaverse

Digital people, sports competition games, VR/AR virtual stadium

FIFA-17 gives full play to the advantages of platform technology and uses WEB3.0 to develop and build sports digital people, sports competition games and VR/AR virtual stadiums. As virtual characters and spokespersons, it innovates sports marketing, provides realistic experiences, and uses digital VR technology to create a new sports environment. , providing innovative experiences and bringing opportunities and challenges to the sports industry.


FIFA-17 has a huge fan base and pays more attention to the experience and rights of the fan group. Therefore, in the early stages of development, FIFA-17 issued the governance token FIFA to serve as a link between platforms, fans, players, creators, teams, institutions and other groups. Through FIFA tokens, fan users not only have the opportunity to participate in the FIFA-17 platform and obtain dividends of FIFA tokens, but also obtain FIFA token rewards by participating in ecological activities such as sports betting, betting on competitions, creating digital football art, and virtual stadiums. Feel the rich benefits that the ecosystem brings to them.

At the same time, FIFA-17 provides users with a unique fan voting system, which allows fans in football and other sports fields to gain the right to “joint control” in the form of FIFA token voting, and then participate in team management and strategic decision-making. Any league, team and event can realize this model by applying blockchain. Fans can become opinion leaders in any competition by using the FIFA payment platform. In turn, various projects such as teams and leagues in the sports field can also achieve fan economicization by giving fans certain decision-making rights.

The introduction of the fan voting system makes fan users no longer just spectators on the court, but participants in the team’s decision-making. By voting, they can influence the team’s decisions and jointly create glory for the team. In addition, the creation of FIFA Social’s decentralized social ecosystem can deepen the connection between community users, communities and platforms, stimulate users’ enthusiasm for participation, and inject more novel elements into the digital football ecosystem. The issuance of NFT star cards has pushed digital football to a new level. Users can own unique star digital assets through FIFA tokens and participate in the wonderful world of star economy. The launch of sports competitive games and VR/AR virtual stadiums has created a fascinating virtual sports experience for users, allowing users to interact with other fans on the virtual stadium and experience an immersive experience no matter where they are. Competition passion.

All of this is not only a digital football stadium, but also an ecological experience created by users. At FIFA-17, we not only pay attention to the outcome of the game, but also pay attention to the gains and resonance of users in this digital football ecosystem. This is a new small beginning. We invite every user to participate and create the future of digital football.

Kt1 (1.2mx0.8m)

FIFA-17 powerful background

If FIFA-17 wants to stand out on many sports track platforms, it not only relies on detailed ecological sector planning and development potential, but also depends on FIFA-17’s strong strength background.

1) A powerful alliance of investment research institutions

FIFA-17 is a Web3 sports track investment and aggregation platform formed by FIFA Foundation, 17 Sport and Dapper Labs, with football as the starting point.

●FIFA Foundation

The FIFA Foundation was established in 2018 as a related foundation of the International Football Federation as an independent entity with the goal of mobilizing the positive power of football to improve lives.

At the heart of FIFA Foundation activities are addressing social issues affecting young people, empowering women and girls to play football and realize their full potential, repairing damaged or destroyed sports infrastructure, supporting education through football and football, leveraging some of the best-known names in the game ‘s beautiful icons convey a positive message to millions of people around the world, creating a more inclusive world. ​

●17 Sport

Founded in 2020, 17 Sport is the world’s first comprehensive company that creates sports influence. The company is positioned at the intersection of sports, business and society, providing strategy, cooperation, program implementation and strategic services to transformational leaders in the global sports and business fields, and is committed to seeking a better tomorrow for mankind and the earth.

17 Sport exists to help businesses harness the power of sport to build a more positive future for the world, while achieving business goals. Its name is inspired by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and is rooted in SDG 17 and our deep belief in the power of partnerships. Our global team of experts is located in 7 different countries on 3 continents and is made up of individuals who have been at the forefront of the revolution in sports and business purposes for the past 15 years.

●Dapper Labs

Founded in February 2018, Dapper Labs aims to let 1 billion users understand blockchain and experience the advantages of decentralization in a simpler and more interesting way. In just a few years, it has created the world’s first blockchain game CryptoKitties and the popular NBA Top Shot, and even pioneered a new model of commercialization in the NFT field.

NBA Top Shot developer Dapper Labs became the only Crypto company shortlisted as the world’s most innovative company in 2022 announced by the well-known cutting-edge business media “Fast Company” magazine, and ranked first among the most innovative game companies. At the same time, after completing last year’s financing, its valuation reached US$7.6 billion, making it a well-deserved global unicorn company.

2) Top elite team

FIFA-17 has a dynamic and well-known team composed of serial entrepreneurs, gamers and game makers, technology geeks, content creators and professional athletes. They have not only reached strategic cooperation with multiple well-known teams, but also established A sports enterprise worth billions of dollars, it has also established partnerships with some well-known ecosystem participants, investors, game studios, sports leagues, e-sports teams and game guilds, and has launched multiple well-known sports and entertainment ecosystems. . Among them, the popularity of “NBA Top Shot” has opened up a new model of commercialization in the NFT field.

3) Alliance investment institutions

With its solid operational foundation and good development prospects, FIFA-17 has acquired CAA, Wasserman, LA84 Foundation, Lens World Sports, Big Brain Holdings, Jump Crypto, Impossible Finance, SnapFingers DAO, Protocol Ventures, Draper Associates, Blockchain capital , BlockVC and many other sports companies and financial institutions, these institutions provided US$20 million in capital investment for FIFA-17.

4) Cooperating football clubs and ecological partners

In order to better promote ecological development, let global fans and fans better understand the latest developments of football stars, and allow global users to better participate in sports commercial products, FIFA-17 has cooperated with the world’s top 50 football clubs and the world’s top teams. Reaching strategic cooperation and gaining strategic resource support from various institutions will provide fans with information about the World Cup and stars, NFT and related dividends.

●Partner football clubs

●Ecological partners

FIFA-17 is redefining the boundaries of football participation through innovative gameplay of digital football. FIFA-17 is committed to providing users with a richer, more interesting and more investment-worthy digital football experience. Through platform tokens and ecological construction, football will be transformed from a traditional spectator activity into a more interactive and participatory experience, allowing every user to become a contributor and beneficiary of the digital football ecosystem. FIFA-17 will create a wonderful world of digital football for fans around the world, making football not just a game, but a new digital experience.

It is reported that FIFA-17 will conduct the first batch of whitelist subscriptions on the official website at 19:00 on May 6th, US time, that is, 06:00 on May 7th, Beijing time. Interested friends can consult and participate in the subscription!

Come to FIFA-17 to complete the transformation from spectators to decision-makers and creators, work together to create a wonderful world of digital football and digital sports, and share unlimited dividends in the field of sports!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/17Fifa_2018

Telegram: https://t.me/FIFA_17EN

Official website: https://fifa-17.pro/

QQ group: 119218144

AIBTC: Unlocking Trillion-Dollar Value in BTC to Explore the AI’s Future

In the current blockchain industry, artificial intelligence (AI) and Bitcoin’s layer 2 network are regarded as the two major trends, leading the wave of technological innovation and business transformation. At this exciting moment, AIBTC stands out as the perfect integration of these two major trends, providing a solid and secure infrastructure tailored specifically for AI projects, ushering in a new chapter in industry development.

Firstly, AIBTC has successfully combined the strengths of artificial intelligence and Bitcoin, creating an unprecedented security infrastructure. This infrastructure not only provides a secure and reliable operating environment for AI projects but also lays a solid foundation for their flourishing development in the blockchain world.

Secondly, let’s explore how AIBTC provides comprehensive support for AI projects. With its highly intelligent technical architecture and robust ecosystem, AIBTC offers an all-in-one solution for AI projects, from building to deployment to scaling. Whether it’s a startup or a large enterprise, they can easily build, deploy, and scale their AI models on AIBTC’s platform, achieving rapid and efficient business development and gaining a competitive edge in the market.

What’s even more remarkable is that the security and technical support provided by AIBTC are not limited to the AI field. On the contrary, its open ecosystem provides a limitless stage for innovators and practitioners from various industries.

In summary, AIBTC, as a shining star in the blockchain industry, is not only a clever integration of AI and Bitcoin but also a fervent exploration and steadfast practice of future technological development. With AIBTC’s guidance, we believe that the road to the integration of AI and blockchain will become broader and broader, bringing a more brilliant tomorrow for global technological innovation.


Telegram:https://t.me/aibtc_official (Airdrop Anyway)

The ArtsArena in Hong Kong, which frequently appears, is set for a major breakthrough in 2024?

Hong Kong, one of the world’s freest economies, has fostered numerous outstanding blockchain projects, creating an ideal ecosystem for the flourishing of Web 3.0 technologies. Web3 digital nomads are now seeking the breath of freedom, and gathering in Hong Kong. However, attempts to continue a crypto narrative detached from reality may not be able to reappear. And the NFT market, which is more closely connected to the real world, may become the Main Event of Hong Kong’s Web3.


ArtsArena.io is an innovative platform focused on NFT liquidity, value, and the Web3 domain. During a roadshow at Cyberport in Hong Kong on April 26, the ArtsArena.io team announced the launch of version 2.0. This upgraded version strengthens the connection between NFTs and core assets, aiming to create deep liquidity in the NFT market.


Subsequently, on April 27, under the leadership of shareholder representative Tang Jin, ArtsArena.io reached a strategic partnership with OneTV. OneTV (Asia’s first media group) is a satellite television station legally registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and officially licensed by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s Communications Authority. And it is also a new cultural media group based in Hong Kong and targeting a global audience. This partnership is expected to bring ArtsArena.io wider exposure and influence. Meanwhile, it has also attracted widespread attention from the NFT community and digital asset markets.

At the Cyberport roadshow in Hong Kong, the ArtsArena.io team engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges with other project teams and attendees on key topics such as the development trends, application scenarios, and industry impacts of Web3 core technologies. This ignited the unique charm exclusive to ArtsArena, sparking lively conversations and interest among the audience.


The launch of the meme token “Rubbish Bin”

ArtsArena.io announced the launch of the meme token “Rubbish Bin” in late May, aiming to make 404 more reasonable and NFTs more fun. Meme tokens have gained widespread attention in recent years for their humor and innovation.

The launch of Rubbish Bin is expected to bring forth a series of events and promotional activities to ignite user participation. By adding fun and interactivity, ArtsArena.io hopes to further enhance the vibrancy of the NFT market and attract more users to join in. Through Rubbish Bin, ArtsArena.io hopes to bring new purposes and value to NFTs.





Today, ArtsArena.io has not only strengthened existing partnerships but also expanded into new business connections, demonstrating its significant influence and serious attitude in the Hong Kong market. This lays a solid foundation for its further development in the Hong Kong and global markets.


In the coming years, especially in 2024, the Web3 market is expected to experience significant expansion. We can foresee that beyond 2024, the potential of the NFT market is far from being fully tapped. It is ushering in a new era of digital ownership, with future value and prospects that can surpass our imagination.


With ArtsArena.io’s continued expansion and deepening in the NFT market, along with its ongoing investment in technology and community building, it is believed that ArtsArena.io will seize more opportunities and achieve even more remarkable performance in the future. This will also bring considerable returns to ArtsArena.io investors!

TronLending received an investment of US$6 million from Singapore’s Tron Ecological Fund

TronLending, like JustStable, SunSwap, and the TRON ecological wallet, all originate from important ecological application projects incubated by the TRON open source community. In view of the fact that TRON energy leasing can greatly increase the amount of pledged coins on the TRON main chain and improve the stickiness of TRON ecological users, Reduce transfer GAS costs; in 2024, Tron Ecosystem will build TronLending as an independent ecosystem and issue TLD tokens as the only token of Tron Energy, building a stronger Tron ecosystem together with 200 million Tron users. In April 2024, TronLending received an investment of US$6 million from the Singapore TRON Ecological Fund to build the TRON ecological DAO community.

Hotcoin will launch Lucky (LUCKY) trading on April 30th at 14:00.


According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, Lucky/USDT trading will commence on April 30th at 14:00 (UTC+8), with Lucky deposits opening at 17:00 on the same day and Lucky withdrawals opening at 14:30.

Lucky is the sole governance token of the Lucky Club ecosystem application, developed on the ETH Layer2 for decentralized entertainment ecosystems. It primarily drives user participation through Web3.0 entertainment applications, while also allowing users to engage in ecosystem mining. This enables users to experience various features of the ecosystem applications and receive corresponding token rewards. As user engagement increases, the entire Web3.0 entertainment ecosystem will be further enhanced.


Why is Now the Best Time to Invest in All Universe?

There is no doubt that All Universe is one of the few platforms on the market with a combination of “innovative business model, tangible commercial viability, strong revenue-generating capability and backing from capital institutions.” Here’s why now is the best time to consider investing in All Universe.

In just a short time, All Universe has helped tens of thousands of people increase their portfolio. With more and more individuals improving their quality of life through the convergence of “internet economy, crypto economy and real-world economy.” For those affected by the global economic downturn, All Universe represents an unprecedented new opportunity. Delving deeper into the platform reveals many advantages that make now the best time to invest.

文章配图2 (3)

Backed by Capital Institutions · Stable Cash Flow

All Universe has the support of strong capital institutions with its parent company being Apex Technology Ltd. Additionally, it is supported by Apex Capital and the Silicon Hills Apex Foundation, providing sustained funding and resources for steady market developments, creating a more reliable investment environment for investors.

Diversified Business Ecosystem · Sustainable Revenue Generation

All Universe is an application platform that integrates internet economy, crypto economy, and real-world economy. Focusing on creating diversified business investment pathways through digital assets. It includes multiple business sectors like decentralized finance, traditional financial systems, agriculture and livestock, AI, education and planning, healthcare, mining and energy, entertainment and leisure, and trade and retail. Among these, decentralized finance, agriculture and livestock and AI form a comprehensive source of diversified revenue generation.

Diversified Investment Strategy · Ensuring National Growth and Profits

All Universe operates similarly to a trust fund, with a foundation of professional research teams and diversified ecosystems that effectively manage risk through diversified investment strategies. By spreading investments across various ecosystems and industries, including but not limited to decentralized finance, traditional financial systems, AI, agriculture, healthcare, mining and energy, entertainment and leisure, it reduces risk and ensures diversified growth. This approach helps to balance risk and reward by providing stability even when some sectors may not perform well.

UNV Circulation Enhancement Mechanism · Potential for 100x Returns

UNV is the core token in the All Universe ecosystem, with a total supply of 2.1 billion, eventually deflating to 210 million tokens. All Universe has introduced several mechanisms to enhance UNV’s value, such as launching new applications to strengthen UNV’s supply and demand, setting it as a common token for e-commerce, entertainment, and retail trade, and using it as a settlement medium between businesses, which increases its visibility in the secondary market. In addition, UNV’s deflation model involves automatically burning unclaimed rewards from the personal reward pool every month, ensuring a consistent value increase over time.

文章配图1 (4)

Nasdaq Listing · Achieving a Coin-Stock Dual Win

All Universe has an innovative “coin-stock dual win” mechanism, with a vision for a Nasdaq listing in the future. This means users who participate in the UNV token ecosystem can not only enjoy the value growth but also share the benefits when the ecosystem successfully lists on the stock exchange, providing a comprehensive investment opportunity.

In this new era, All Universe leads the way with new opportunities, welcoming everyone as participants, value providers, and wealth creators. Welcome to All Universe.

Penta Elements:Leading an epoch-making financial revolution

The Penta Elements official online launch event has sparked a global frenzy among investors! Regardless of their location, they actively participated, collectively witnessing this epoch-making financial revolution. The event not only attracted widespread attention but also ignited investors’ deep desire for the tremendous returns Penta Elements could bring. Especially during the launch of the Penta mining machine during the pre-launch recruitment phase, with its unique mining and burning mechanisms, it not only ensured a continuous surge in coin prices but also sparked enthusiasm among users, many expressing their intent to invest in the Penta mining machine.

Moreover, the CEO of Penta Elements, Mr. Thompson, personally attended the conference and shared his unique insights into the future of blockchain and blockchain gaming with Penta users. He delved into the revolutionary significance of blockchain technology in the financial sector and envisioned its future application prospects. Particularly in the current bullish market, he pointed out strategies and methods for investors to seize opportunities and achieve personal wealth growth. This deep interaction with the CEO not only deepened users’ understanding of blockchain technology but also broadened their investment horizons, providing valuable guidance for future wealth growth.

During the conference, users expressed full confidence in Penta Elements future development. They are optimistic about Penta Elements leading position in the blockchain industry, as well as its unique business model and innovative products. The purchase of the limited 188 Penta mining machines during the pre-launch recruitment phase became a hot topic of discussion, with users eagerly reserving over 100 Penta mining machines in hopes of sharing the generous returns brought by Penta after its official launch.

Furthermore, users are eagerly anticipating Penta Elements upcoming launch of the NFT series next month. This series of NFTs, with its unique elemental dragon design and built-in return rates for each collection, has attracted considerable market attention. These uniquely designed NFTs have aroused strong interest among users, who are eagerly awaiting the release of the final two NFTs in the same series. This peak of anticipation not only demonstrates users’ confidence in Penta Elements future development but also reflects the market’s recognition and appreciation of its innovative products.

With the NFT market continuing to heat up, Penta Elements NFT series will become a sought-after hot asset among users. Its unique design and high return rates will attract more investors’ attention and participation, further propelling Penta Elements leading position in the digital asset field. The launch of this NFT series will not only enrich Penta Elements product line but also provide users with more diversified investment options, helping them achieve wealth growth and asset diversification.

In conclusion, the Penta Elements official online launch event has attracted global investors’ attention with its rich and captivating agenda. Users are confident in Penta Elements leading position in the blockchain field and its innovative products, looking forward to gaining more returns and opportunities through investing in Penta Elements. With Penta Elements continuously introducing new products and services, its influence in the fintech field is expected to expand further, bringing users even more generous returns and broader development opportunities.

Hotcoin will launch BORZOI (BORZOI) trading at 16:00 on April 18th.

According to the official announcement from Hotcoin, BORZOI/USDT trading will be available starting from 16:00 (UTC+8) on April 18, 2024. Deposits for BORZOI will open at 00:00 on April 18th, and withdrawals for BORZOI will be available from 16:00 on April 18th.

$Borzoi is an experimental MEME project initiated by a well-known community with over 200,000 top-level private domain traffic, in collaboration with dozens of communities. The project aims to create a fairer MEME in the Solana ecosystem.

Flower Exchange: Enjoy a smooth trading experience

In today’s crypto asset market, traders have extremely high requirements for choosing a safe and efficient exchange. As one of the pioneers in the field of crypto asset trading, Flower Exchange attracts more and more traders with its rich trading characteristics and excellent service quality. In this article, we will focus on introducing the smooth trading characteristics of Flower Exchange and take you to explore it.

1. Matchmaking mechanism:

Flower Exchange adopts advanced matching mechanism to ensure the speed and accuracy of transaction execution. Our matching engine has high stability and reliability, which can achieve fast matching of high-frequency trading and block trading, providing traders with a smooth trading experience. Whether you are pursuing short-term profits or long-term investments, Flower Exchange’s matching mechanism can meet your needs and help you easily cope with market fluctuations.

2. Transaction depth:

We are committed to building a dynamic and liquid trading platform. By attracting more traders and liquidity providers to join, our trading depth continues to expand, providing traders with a wider range of trading options and more stable market prices. Whether you are trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto assets, Flower Exchange can provide you with sufficient trading depth to ensure that you can quickly complete transactions and have satisfactory trading experience at any time.

3. Price difference protection:

In order to protect the interests of traders, Flower Exchange has implemented strict price difference protection measures. We use technical means and market monitoring to timely detect and correct abnormal price differences, ensuring that traders can obtain fair and reasonable trading prices on our platform. Whether you are trading at market price or limit price, Flower Exchange can provide you with the best trading execution price, allowing you to enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of trading.

1.Regulatory Compliance:

Flower Exchange operates under the supervision and review of regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, safeguarding user rights. We actively apply for and hold regulatory licenses to ensure our trading platform operates within a compliant framework, undergoing regular inspections and supervision by regulatory bodies.

2.Fund Segregation:

We strictly separate user funds from the platform’s own funds, employing independent account storage and management for user funds to ensure they are not used for the exchange’s operational or investment activities. This fund segregation system effectively protects the security and privacy of user funds.

3.Multi-Signature Technology:

To enhance transaction security, we employ multi-signature technology, requiring multiple parties to sign off on transactions. This effectively mitigates the risk of attacks or tampering by a single node, safeguarding the security of user funds and the reliability of transactions.

4.Cold and Hot Wallet Storage:

We store the majority of user funds in cold wallets, offline storage to prevent network attacks and hacker intrusions, while reserving a portion of funds in hot wallets for daily trading to ensure transaction efficiency and liquidity.

5.Security Authentication and Encryption Technology:

We utilize advanced security authentication and encryption technologies, including SSL encrypted transmission, two-factor authentication, etc., to protect users’ personal information and transaction data from malicious attackers, ensuring the security and trustworthiness of the transaction process.

6.Regular Audits and Transparency:

To enhance transparency and trust, we regularly invite third-party independent audit firms to audit our funds and disclose audit reports, allowing users to clearly understand our financial status and operational situation.

7.Insurance Coverage:

We purchase asset insurance to provide additional protection for user funds against potential security risks and unexpected losses. This further enhances users’ confidence and protection in fund security.

Through these multiple measures and safeguards, Flower Exchange is committed to ensuring the security of user funds, providing a secure, stable trading environment, and high-quality services. We will continue to improve and strengthen fund security measures to meet the needs and expectations of users. Choose Flower Exchange, and you can trade with peace of mind and invest with confidence.

Super Future Trading:

As one of the innovative products offered by Flower Exchange, our proud Super Contracts provide multi-level high leverage, including 500x, 750x, and 1000x. This new trading tool aims to meet the risk preferences and trading strategies of different users, allowing them to adjust leverage levels more freely for more flexible trading.

• 500x Leverage: Provides a balanced choice for users seeking moderate leverage to balance risk and return, suitable for cautious investors.

• 750x Leverage: Offers an ideal choice for traders seeking higher returns while managing relative risks, enhancing trading flexibility.

• 1000x Leverage: Provides substantial leverage for aggressive high-risk, high-return traders to support more challenging market participation strategies.

Copy Trading:

Flower Exchange introduces advanced copy trading functionality, enabling users to seamlessly follow and replicate experienced trading experts. Whether you have a professional trading background or not, through our copy trading feature, you can easily achieve automatic tracking of top traders worldwide, maximizing profits. This feature aims to provide intelligent, efficient trading strategies, offering users a wider range of investment opportunities.

Wealth Management:

Flower Exchange is committed to providing users with comprehensive financial services, thus launching diversified wealth management products. Our wealth management products not only allow you to participate in different investment projects for more comprehensive wealth appreciation but also offer safer and more stable investment options. We understand that investment is not limited to the trading market. Through wealth management products, users can achieve more diversified and secure wealth management.

Flower Exchange is dedicated to innovation, creating a professional and comprehensive crypto trading platform by offering Super future trading, copy trading, wealth management, and other products. Whether you are an aggressive trader, a copy trader, or an investor, Flower Exchange provides ideal investment solutions for you. Join us to explore the future of crypto trading and let your investment bloom.

Overall, Flower Exchange provides a safe, efficient, and smooth trading platform for traders with its rich trading features and excellent service quality. We will continue to strive to continuously improve User Experience and bring you better trading services. Choose Flower Exchange to enjoy a smooth trading experience and achieve your investment dreams!

About the Flower Exchange

Flower Exchange is committed to building a crypto currency trading platform characterized by security, openness, and flexibility. The platform focuses on continuous innovation, focuses on technological research and development, and ensures that users can use cutting-edge features. This commitment to maintaining a leading position in the industry reflects Flower Exchange’s determination to provide excellent crypto currency trading experiences to global users. With its continuous global expansion and business improvement, Flower Exchange will continue to lead the future of crypto currency trading.

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